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15 December 2022 2 mins read

Client story: Leidos


IT Services & Consulting

How big are they?

With approximately 43,000 employees globally, Leidos is a Fortune 500 company


July 2018 to present date

In a nutshell:

Leidos is a science and technology solutions leader working to address some of the world’s toughest challenges in the defence, intelligence, homeland security, civil, and healthcare markets. The company’s 43,000 employees support vital missions for government and commercial customers.

BidCraft services provided:
  • Opportunity consulting: Bid evaluation and scoring
  • Opportunity consulting: Tactical support
  • Business change: Continuous improvement
  • Enhanced skills: APMP certification
  • Social value consulting

Leidos in numbers

Value of bids
Number of bids supported
Number of years worked together

Positioning to win

It’s funny how one thing can lead to another. A chance networking encounter and a passing comment led us to support Leidos with a bid for the Home Office on a project critical to national security. Leidos were up against Tier 1 companies with their feet firmly under the table, so they knew our expert guidance could help them push the competition out of the way. A key part of our role was to prepare and position the company as someone the Home Office really wanted to work with.

Our initial brief was to support Leidos in their proposal reviewing. We systematically scored and evaluated their bid, giving detailed feedback on the positives and the not-so-perfect parts, with practical advice on how to improve their scores. Ever the critical friend.

Thanks to our input, Leidos proved a bid can win even if it comes in at a higher price than others. But only if it gets excellent technical scores. Leidos won with all responses achieving either the highest or joint highest scores in the field, across their whole bid. Pre-submission scoring helps a company price to win more effectively because you can scenario plan and develop competitive views. It’s now carried out on all Leidos’ major tenders.

As part of the same assignment, we helped develop a team charter for the next round, where working as a unit would be even more critical. A charter helps each team member to know not only what their role is within the process; it ensures everyone knows how others operate too. This is especially important with a neurodiverse team because it gives all members a chance to explain how they prefer to give and receive information. It also identifies hidden strengths. By preparing for peak individual performance, the whole team (and therefore the bid) benefits.

We also facilitated a negotiation storyboarding session to prepare the team for the negotiation phase of the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation (CPN) that was in play for the bid. CPN consists of sometimes unnatural-feeling structured conversations within a rigid framework. A little like courtroom prep, the sessions empowered staff to head into negotiations with a clear, united message.

It became apparent our intensive care was needed for a key document. We reworked the fifty-pages in collaboration with the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Over an intense ten-day period, we stripped it back, assembled the bones of structure and fleshed out the detail. We produced an exemplar solution overview which is still held up as an example of best practice. Whatever’s needed, if we can do it well we’ll get stuck in. We love a bit of crisis management.

A spiderweb of referrals

Following our success with the first assignment, our relationship chart with the good people of Leidos began to spread out like a spiderweb of connections and referrals. We hopped, skipped and jumped between different departments, thanks to the strong delivery reputation we built with each team. We can be odd, but they liked us anyway.

We were invited back to review and score further bids with the Metropolitan Police and other government bodies. Once again, we found ourselves in the role of trusted coaches, sharing our scars to help others learn and grow. Our background in IT and knowledge of the nuances in central government bidding led to further wins (and accompanying high-fives).

We delivered additional facilitation as the bidding team grew under new management. Our supportive workshops and consultancy helped the company develop a broader teamwork charter and plan for the capability. Again, our role as the critical friend – looking from the outside in – helped us provide objective guidance. The people we work with know what they’re doing, it’s just sometimes you need an independent eye.

At BidCraft we love to give clients added value. By sharing our experience we give teams confidence and build their trust. We see informal on-the-job coaching as part of what we do

Return of the HO

When another Home Office tender opportunity came up Leidos were well positioned to bid. We were brought in for a suite of work including reviewing and scoring, social value consulting, negotiation storyboarding workshops, and coaching. When an external contractor withdrew unexpectedly, we upped our capacity further to plug the gap. We always step up and find solutions for our clients wherever we can, which is one of the reasons we’re so trusted.

As you can see, in this case one thing led to another. And another. And another. We’re proud of the support we’ve given Leidos and the part we’ve played in their success.