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We are a team of forward-thinking experts with a track record for solving complex problems with style.

Bid like you mean it
Our Principles:

The BidCraft mantra

Demystify bidding
Deliver practical solutions
Go all-in to avoid loss
Make a real change
Bid Like You Mean It
Mission. Ethos. Culture

Less talk. More action.

Our mission is to demystify the art of winning business by sharing knowledge, being responsive, and taking pride in our craft. We find this mindset leads to trusted relationships with clients who enjoy working with us.

Based in the UK and Australia, we are known for consistently punching above our weight. We can back this up, too. As the instigator and technical author of BSI PAS 360:2023 – the only international code of practice for bid and proposal management – we have literally set the standard for bidding, whether you’re an SME or a multinational.

We are also an approved training organisation (with globally available training) for the industry association (APMP – association of proposal management professionals), and we launched the International Day for Bids and Proposals on 29th September every year. #Septender

Our ethos
As a team of bidding artisans our ethos is to make a sustainable contribution to your business growth. We see bidding as an art form. It’s about blending a mix of ingredients into something crafted, tailored, and amazing.
Our culture

We are a company with a social conscience. Kindness, empathy and sharing are fundamental characteristics that not only feel good, but they make a big impact on the people we work with.

Craft-people at heart

The BidCraft crew

We’re a team that loves to go beyond the bland, always sweats the details and never settles. We’re a company of leaders, who work hard on our craft and love what we do.

Our contribution

Supporting trusted climate projects

We care about doing the right thing, so we’re proud to work with Ecologi to help fund carbon offset projects and responsible tree planting around the world. We’re offsetting our carbon emissions and becoming a carbon positive workforce by growing the BidCraft company forest.

Every time someone becomes a Crafter, we enrol them into Ecologi, which funds climate solutions around the world. And whenever someone buys one of our APMP certification courses, we fund even more tree planting.

If you want to sign up, then use this link and Ecologi will plant an extra 30 trees as a thank you.

We plant trees with Ecologi

Contributing to society

The voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector does amazing work to help people and communities who need extra support. That’s why we’ve partnered with whatimpact who match companies like BidCraft to local social value initiatives to make a difference.

We volunteer our time and expertise to train VCSEs on the art of grant writing and we also review grant applications, helping to guide you in the right direction and secure precious funding.

If you’re a VCSE who would like to apply for our voluntary support, then sign-up to whatimpact and they’ll do the rest.


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Who do you partner with and why? expand

As a micro-sized business, we work with other amazing companies who excel at their craft. This lets us scale flexibly to deliver a broader range of specialist services. You can either engage them through us as one-team, or we can introduce you and step back, whichever gives the best outcomes.

Here they are in alphabetical order. Take a bow.

Help brands stand out and their people stand together. A tightly collaborative creative team, delivering strategically effective brand engagement solutions for complex organisations and SMEs. In fact, they designed this website.

Net Zero International
Passionate about enabling businesses to measure, analyse and improve their carbon emissions and join the UN Race to Zero.

NWT services focus the successful delivery of programmes and projects such as cloud migration, workplace transformation, mobile working or the deployment of a new platform such as ServiceNow. Conducted virtually, or on site, their consulting, systems integration and managed services provide a comprehensive, independent viewpoint on how to compress and deliver programmes and projects faster at least risk and lower cost. They bring significant expertise built on decades of successfully delivering intricate programmes of work. And they’re nice with it. They really do believe that diversity brings innovation and value. 

Write Arm
Write Arm is a multilingual copywriting and bid writing agency that works cross-sector with everyone from scale ups to global corporations.

What’s it like being a Crafter? expand

If you’ve ever dreamed of being part of something that does things differently, then that’s what it feels like.

Crafters innovate, test themselves, learn new skills, and never settle.

It’s hard work and everyone puts a shift in, but the rewards are amazing. We treat people as professional adults who don’t need micro-managing. In fact, we want people with a diversity of experience and thought who keep us on our toes. Echo chambers are a dangerous thing.

We innovate because we’re curious and want to deliver better outcomes for our clients. 

If something doesn’t exist, create it. If something doesn’t work, fix it. If something works, share it.


How do I join the crew? expand

We’re always looking for quality crew — whether that’s as a permanent Crafter or as a partner company.

We’re very approachable so get in touch and let’s talk.

Are you ready to make change?

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We’re always looking for like-minded Crafters.