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Eve Upton


I make change. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s also led me to find things to fix my whole life. If you have a bidding capability in tatters, a bid in crisis, or even a solution overview that needs beating into submission, then get in touch. I love that challenge and I’m viciously competitive. Ask the nice girls that had to face my hockey team at school… 

The kind of client call where they’ve been told they aced dialogue after the coaching session we held, or scored top marks across the board because of our evaluation guidance is my catnip. We will impact your business, no question. And I’ll fight for your team like they’re my own and happily teach them everything I know. 

Growing up in EDS/HPE taught me the IT business, so that’s my home turf for complex public sector bidding. My favourite tasks were those that involved leading change initiatives or bids across cultural and corporate boundaries.

I love presenting something to get people thinking. For me, that started with speaking at conferences — introversion is no barrier, people. I’ve even won awards for speaking (did I mention I’m competitive?) The community and shared therapy of the network got me hooked, and I now lend my expertise as a non-exec director for the bidding industry’s association. 

BidCraft’s always hunting for the Next Big Thing. So stay curious.

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Bending, breaking and re-writing the rules. Find new uses for things, it makes life interesting. 

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I can make halloumi.

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Blue, of course. We don’t mention the red side. And you know pop-psychology is not science, right?

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To make digital nomading work as a bid consultant. Must be possible. Even on MOD or secret squirrel assignments.