28 June 2023 3 mins read

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: International Day for Bids and Proposals

Fanfare! We’re on a mission to promote the bid profession, so we thought there should be a day of celebration for bid and proposal teams – let’s break all the rules and talk about us for once!

Bid Like You Mean It…

International Day of Bids and Proposals

Why on earth do we need that?

As we navigate through our <insert your favourite rapidly evolving world cliché here ; ) >, we often overlook the crucial worker-bees that keep the wheels of commerce and innovation turning. One such group of unsung heroes is the hardworking professionals involved in bids and proposals. From small start-ups pitching their ground-breaking ideas, to big organisations competing for billion-pound contracts, bid and proposal people are at the very heart of these deals. This year, we are celebrating them by officially marking an International Day for Bids and Proposals. Yup. How cool is that?

Why the celebration? Because our work, though often behind-the-scenes, is pivotal in driving our economies and shaping our futures. We shoulder the responsibility of communicating value, making something of opportunities, and transforming ideas into compelling proposals with perfect Action Captions…

So, on the shiny new International Day for Bids and Proposals, we’re encouraging everyone to celebrate, appreciate, and better understand the profession.

Appreciating The Profession

Creating a bid or a proposal isn’t just about putting together a document. It’s a sophisticated process that demands thorough understanding of the industry, excellent project management skills, keen attention to detail, and the ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity and persuasiveness. That’s some clever stuff.

Without our tireless work, companies wouldn’t be able to secure the contracts that allow them to grow, innovate, and most importantly, employ everyone. Despite the pressure and the challenging nature of the work (and sometimes maybe because of!), we continue to do what we do because we love what we do.

Our aim is simple: to increase understanding of the role of a bid and proposal professional and celebrate this decisive industry. We rock.


29th September





So celebrate!

We’ve been trying to think of some examples of how we could all celebrate, and we know such a bunch of creative people will think of many more.

Bid professionals:

Use today to reflect, rest, and recuperate. Grab a coffee with your colleagues and talk about what your role is all about and how you’ve helped your organisation achieve #Septender

Want to improve your skills and gain industry-recognised qualifications? Check out the range of certifications offered by APMP.

Remember all those times you’ve given up evenings or weekends for bids? Finish work at 5pm today – you’re worth it!

Bid leaders and organisation leaders:

Want to know how your organisation can support bid teams to create more robust bids, reduce stress on contributors and ultimately win more business? PAS 360 is the new global standard for bid and proposal management – find out how it can support your company, whatever your size and bidding maturity.

Celebrate your team! Hold an internal award ceremony to reward individual and team achievements or host a coffee break with cakes for your team so everyone can catch up! Whatever you think will bring your team together and celebrate each other.


For all those working in or supporting the bid and proposal management industry, offset those late-evening deadlines by finishing work no later than 5pm and celebrate with the time-honoured food of bid teams – pizza! Post your pizza-loving pics on social media. #HappyBidday #Septender #PizzaIsOurSuperfood

Our day

The International Day for Bids and Proposals is about more than just recognition; it’s about fostering a sense of community among professionals worldwide. It’s a day to celebrate our collective achievements, share our experiences, and continue our journey of learning and growth together. 

So, kick back, take a breath, and appreciate yourselves, our craft, and our achievements.

Eat Pizza. Make Change ; )