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15 April 2024 12 min read

BidGuide: Secure by Design in bidding

Get ready to bid to MOD – show you understand secure by design

BidGuide for Secure by Design

Download our BidGuide

BidGuide SbD – download here

The UK government is adopting a Secure by Design (SbD) approach for all central government departments and arms’-length bodies when delivering digital services and tech infrastructure.

It is a profound cultural shift from the traditional (sometimes one-shot) accreditation-led responses to a more proactive and holistic method of managing security risk. Systems and capabilities need to be built with security in mind from the start and through the life. This is a good thing, and we need to show our understanding in our bids from now on.

Download our guide on how to apply the MOD SbD principles to your bids.