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26 January 2023 3 mins read

Target operating models: your future

As the new financial year approaches for many of us, a lot of business owners turn their attention to what happened last year and what they can learn from it. Whether it was a year filled with successes, or if there were some lessons to be learned. It’s time to step back, have a look at the bigger picture and decide on how you can hit your goals with a refreshed and focused target operating model.

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What are target operating models?

Good question. Put simply, a target operating model, or a TOM, is the blueprint of your business. It’s where your vision lines up with your capabilities and your objectives. Essentially, a TOM helps you line up what you do with how you want to achieve it. TOMs take all sorts into account, including:

  • Your core business capabilities,
  • Organisational, strategic and functional structures,
  • All the internal factors and external drivers, and
  • Any other resources, like your technology.

Why is assessment important?

If you’re losing bids that you should be winning, it’s time to figure out why.

BidCraft’s assessment service, maturitySpectrum, can help you create your target operating model, giving you a plan for the future by learning what happened in the past. We’ll help you figure out how big the gap is between where you are and where you want to be, and what a realistic approach looks like for you. We only offer unique and tailored service and one size certainly doesn’t fit all. We’ll never offer you something we don’t think you need, and our motto is if it’s not broken, we won’t try to fix it.

A BidCraft maturitySpectrum assessment will give you:

  • A clear view of your current bidding maturity and align it with the upcoming BSI PAS360 for bid and proposal management
  • A plan for implementing the required changes
  • Realisation of your business goals.

How will maturitySpectrum help my business?

Depending on what you need, a maturitySpectrum assessment might come at a different time compared to another business. For start-ups, this could be from the outset. And for growing businesses, maybe it’s the next useful step. Here are four of the most common times to take up our maturitySpectrum service.

1.   If you’re scaling up

For businesses looking to grow and scale, you might have found your first few bids were a success — well done! So now what? You might need some help getting to that next consistently successful stage. By understanding what worked for you before, you can set the path for where you’re going next. A clear and unified target operating model with a built-in improved bidding capability will help you get there. Set your goals, align your vision with your actions and watch your business grow.

2.   If you’re going through an M&A

Whether your business has merged with another company or yours has been acquired, it’s time to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to two different bidding capabilities. If two teams are uniting as one, avoid conflicts or confusion by assessing what works, borrowing techniques and ditching old ideas. Plus if you’re the one introducing a new common way of working, you’ll be the one to watch.

3.   If you’ve lost bids

Have things not been going your way? Maybe your bidding capability has changed, or competitors have moved ahead, or maybe you’re not even sure what’s gone wrong. What is certain is that doing nothing is not an option. A maturitySpectrum assessment can help you discover the pitfalls of the past and help you avoid losing in the future. Identifying good practice and introducing high-performing habits will help you get back on track — and get you winning again.

4.   If you’re standardising a business

Improving processes across the board? Businesses can standardise their operations for loads of different reasons, and adapting rapidly to change can be a challenge for anyone — no matter how big or small your business. Whatever your situation, if you’re lining up all your people, processes and approaches, a maturitySpectrum change programme can give you an actionable route forwards.

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